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Defeat bad timing. Get pregnant. Become a mother.

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Pearl is your personal guide to pregnancy and eliminates confusion about your fertile days.

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The Pearl Plan

1. Wake up


2. Use test strip


3. Take Picture

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What makes Pearl better?

What am I measuring The science behind it
  • "We are very happy to share with you the joy of having a baby and let you know that Pearl was of great help in the journey, every test strip we took was worth the effort."

    Author of quote
    Fernanda (29)


  • "I've found the Pearl system extremely helpful and supporting in the process."

    Author of quote
    Carina (34)

    HR Consultant

  • "The fact that Pearl integrates the kit digitally makes it great for knowing what is going on inside your body"

    Author of quote
    Laura (32)

    Innovation Consultant

  • "Pearl helped me getting to know my hormonal levels concretely and to connect with myself every day. One month of use and a couple of weeks later I was pregnant."

    Author of quote
    Irene (37)


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