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The Pearl Fertility App helps you in your journey. Our intelligent app charts your cycle, tracks your levels of 2 key cycle hormones, and tells you when you are ovulating and when you are fertile. Making it easier than ever for you to understand what’s going on inside your body.

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Know When you’re most fertile:

Know the hormones! Know your Fertile Window!
  • "Awesome, unbelievable product. Its one of a kind for all methods available. A little pricey but completely worth it. Not only do you get a wide, ACCURATE fertile window but you can verify ovulation with the progesterone tests."

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Pearl Kit (1 Cycle)

Stop guessing and wondering! Track FSH & LH digitally to predict your fertility and chart your hormones!

It includes:

  • access to the Pearl Fertility App
  • 15 FSH (blue) tests
  • 15 LH (pink) tests
  • 2 hCG (pregnancy) tests
  • and 1 reusable test strip holder
  • EAN: 0860005630127

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