About us

We here at Pearl have a simple philosophy: Every woman is different, so it is only logical to always approach fertility from an individual angle. By doing that, transparency is key and there’s simply no room for misleading claims that are not backed by science and proper research.

When we found out about the scarcity of information and efficient resources to help women who are struggling to become pregnant, we knew it was time for a change. It was clear that in order to provide actual help when trying to conceive, it is essential to keep in mind that every woman is in fact different, especially when it comes to her hormonal state. With keeping this fact in mind and by knowing that hormones are the most reliable factor when it comes to indicating fertility and ovulation, Pearl was born: With the combination of biochemical, optical and computer scientific knowledge, we innovated the way of ovulation prediction- simply by enabling women to precisely keep track of their own hormonal levels and by implementing an intelligent algorithm that learns from those levels and then provides an actual, accurate prediction of their fertile days. The idea quickly got a lot of recognition - once the word got around the demand quickly became overwhelming and up until this day our Pearl is growing. We are more than happy to have reached our goal of providing our products to every woman who’s in need of help when it comes to trying to conceive and to be able to empower them on their individual way to pregnancy.

What makes us unique


Easy to use

Gives you time


One of a kind

With Pearl, all you have to do is a quick measurement after getting up — and even that is not necessary daily. Once our algorithm learned from your measurements, it can accurately predict your fertile window — and you have the whole day and night to focus on other things while Pearl does the rest. Without having to carry it during the night or wear it on your body at any point.

Who we are

The Science behind Pearl is brought to you by Colorimetrix Inc. Colorimetrix develops the core technology behind Pearl: We are a team of multidisciplinary experts in the computer sciences, optical sciences, biochemical sciences, data analysis, software architecture, education and communication.

Visit us at www.colorimetrix.com.