The Pearl Gazette

Visualize Your Hormones In Our Newest App Feature!

Many thanks to all our users that provided us with tons of feedback. We have listened and have introduced an amazing new feature we are finally able to proudly announce: A new screen dedicated entirely to your measurements!

And great benefits come with it:

You can now see your hormones!

Yes, you read that right- you’re now able to track and see your actual hormone levels and how they change during your cycle! This means that after you take a picture of your Pearl Tests, you can now get feedback from day to day. Never before was it this easy, to get such accurate and personalized insights!

Is everything ok with my hormones?

No more guessing, but actually knowing what your hormones are up to. And since it’s the hormones that trigger your ovulation, you can expect an accurate ovulation prediction and see how your hormones relate to one another.

Understand your Fertile Days

See how your hormonal levels directly influence your cycle and your Fertile Window, and gain more personalized knowledge about your reproductive chances every day.

What else is new in this release?

Version 1.0.5 include optional automatic test-strip detection features to simplify the process of capturing your test-strips. This means that you no longer have to align your strip manually and save time.

We can’t wait to hear your feedback on our update and maybe even great ideas for new features! Let us know what you like and what you would make better via our chat or social media.

Expect to expect! - Your friends at Pearl