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Check Out Pearl's Newest Update!

Pearl Fertility is shining in new splendor!

Have you noticed Pearl’s new, fresh look recently? It’s part of our long awaited update! We took all the feedback from all our great testers and have made a completely revised user interface. We have also made great improvements to the prediction models and the way Pearl interprets the hormone profiles. With no further ado, we are very excited and proud to present to you the newest version of the Pearl Fertility App.

What’s new?

During the last couple of months, we have introduced a bunch of new features but it’s not always about introducing new things- sometimes it is important to improve what you already have and that’s what we have done now! We revised every comment we got from you and wrapped it up in an awesome new look and handling of the Pearl App. But let’s go through it step by step:



Pearl is made so you can use it with your thumb only! We know how busy the mornings can be and having to play with an app that needs all your fingers may not be the best option. So, we have re-centered the one finger navigation around the Flower Cycle screen. One swipe to the right uncovers your calendar, one swipe to the left shows you your hormone chart and fertile window predictions. Img A little scrolling at the bottom of the Cycle View shows you your daily fertility status. Scrolling at the bottom of the measurements screen shows you your cycle history… pretty neat right?

Your Cycle Calendar


We sure cleaned up in there! Our designers are the best. For better visualization the days of your period are now marked red and your fertile days are marked in a more intense purple- from light to dark depending on how fertile you are each day! Based on your real time hormone data from each test, Pearl will predict your next fertile window, ovulation and even estimate your next period. When your ovulation phase is over, and if you have PdG tests the app will ask you to test PdG in order to confirm that ovulation took place- if it did you will find a cute little check mark upon your ovulation icon each cycle! Should you ever feel lost simply click on the info icon on top of the screen you now find all the icons explained- easy peasy lemon squeeze 🍋

Your Cycle Overview


Turn up the lights in here! More intense colors for more intense fertile days! No chance of missing out on your fertile window with our new color patterns with a deep purple representing your fertility. On days you your chances to conceive are less than 5% the Pearl flower will appear in a soft pink tone. During your period, the flower is red and should your period be late or you tell the app you are pregnant it will turn green (we are working on the pregnancy mode, keep an eye for updates ;) ).

You can now find the current date on top of the flower and a summary of what’s happening on that day right below the flower. Easily scroll right and left on the new cycle day timeline and watch how the flower opens and closes according to your fertile days throughout the cycle!

To give you no chance of confusion, you can now see which strips to measure each day from the little strip icons above each cycle day. As soon as you measured and entered the strips to the app by taking a picture of them they will appear filled out! Simply tap on the plus on the timeline or on the flower to add a measurement.

Pearl 💗your cycle!

Your Hormone Chart


Clearing the stage for your hormones!

Our new UI for your monthly hormone chart gives your hormones the attention they deserve. Supported by a sleek and clean background, all distraction from your hormones journey throughout your cycle is eliminated. Got strong hormones? No problem - based on thousands of user comments and the latest scientific research we also cleared an error margin that led to the depiction of a shifted fertile window due to detected hormone peaks outside of the ovulation estimation window. Fixing the algorithm's sensitivity to your LH and FSH tests, we manage improving your ovulation predictions and making the Pearl app even more accurate than before!

One of the most exciting things about tracking your hormones is that you can see how every cycle is indeed different from the last. We just eased that up for you by implementing a sleek new timeline at the bottom of your hormone chart screen: feeling nostalgic and want to see what your cycle looked like 6 months ago? We’ve got you covered! Simply scroll through the cycles and enjoy every cycle’s uniqueness.

Your fertile window now gets represented by a neat bar diagram with each bar clearly showing the relative probability of getting pregnant each day. Pro tip: Notice how the days right before ovulation are the ones with the highest chances to conceive?

There is also a little hint telling you which hormone your ovulation prediction is based on. Did you know you can know this in advance with the FSH tests? Most kits use LH only (typical OPKs)- we got those too, but know you can enjoy more fertile days in advance with the FSH prediction.

Don’t worry if you ever forget the length and dates of your cycle you can easily see your history by tapping on the information icon: How many tests you took, the exact dates of your fertile window, how many times you’ve had sex, your ovulation date and the start date of your cycle- ALL there at your finger tips! 😍

We hope you love our update as much as we do, but should you have any comments or suggestions let us know- we are always eager to improve and find ways to make the Pearl app even better! Write to us at or on our support chat! Don’t have the mobile app yet? Take your smartphone, head on over to the Pearl listing on the App Store or Google PlayStore and discover the new era of fertility tracking with Pearl 💗

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