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Finding good resources and information on fertility topics or stories can be quite a challenge, given the amount of websites dealing with that topic. So to take some time off your hands, we did our research and here are our personal favorites!

The Fertility Tribe (

As soon as you land on this page you can feel the dedication and authenticity behind it. It all started with Fertility Tribe’s founder Kristyn, who made it her mission to offer a handbook for all women who are on their journey to conceive and to establish a place where they can turn to for advice and guidance along the way. When heading over to the Fertility Tribe, you can now find a flourishing online community with real fertility stories from real women, with topics including everything from infertility and IVF to miscarriages, adoption, surrogacy and more. But it doesn’t stop there. Even if you’re just starting your journey to pregnancy, you can find a lot of helpful advice from other women who went through the same. Furthermore, there is tons of valuable information about everything a woman can go through after getting pregnant, like surviving pregnancy bed rest or how to deal with preterm labor scare.

Another amazing component of their website is their partners we love page. There you can find great deals on different services and products that are of great help when trying to conceive- for real, how awesome is that? Of course we had to support this incredible project, so head on over there now, find valuable fertility information and on top of that get 10% off your first Pearl kit with a special code provided to you by The Fertility Tribe!

CoFertility (

Do you have a fertility related question? CoFertility has the answer. For every question you might have. How you ask? Behind the name CoFertility is a team of fertility experts, making it their mission to answer every question that might pop up before, during or after your journey to conceive. And when we say experts, we mean experts: Their advisory board consists of certified reproductive endocrinologists, nutritionists and women’s health specialists-each of them with a fascinating background in the health fertility area. The idea started with CoFertility’s founder Arielle, whose compassion for every person looking for answers on their fertility journey is present throughout the website. They also make sure to find, collect and let you know about special deals on fertility products- helping you to actually save money! Be sure to look out for our special discount code to receive 10% off your first Pearl kit 🎉

And it doesn’t stop there! Besides their digital presence, CoFertility also organizes talks where women can come to and ask the experts every question they might have about fertility in person with no question being off limits and where they can listen to interesting panel talks about all things fertility. The last one took place in NYC- be sure to check out and follow CoFertility on their social media channels to not miss out on their next events!

Balanced Bombshells (

Are you struggling with recurring PMS symptoms? Feeling bloated or having mood swings and finding yourself wondering why you’re having these or other symptoms despite paying attention to your diet and work out routine? Laura Charelle from Balanced Bombshells has the answer. Having suffered from severe PMS symptoms herself, Laura made it her mission to educate other women about the imbalances that cause such states and how to tackle them.

With Balanced Bombshells, there’s now a resource that gives an on point guide on how to balance your hormones and how to uplevel your clean eating in order to get rid of severe PMS and period problems. Not only can you find hormone balancing recipes and specific cycle phase workouts, there’s also education on different sets of hormones, how they affect your well-being and what to do in order to balance them naturally! With Balanced Bombshells you’ll find out how to use your monthly cycle and hormones to your ultimate advantage, no wonder we’re absolute fans!

Fertilust (

Wow, we sure are thankful for the Fertilust blog! It started with its founder Nathalie Carpenter dreamed of having a baby and made it her mission to establish a safe place where people can find a sense of community and find legitimate resources in support of their fertility journeys.

Ever since then you can find information on a broad range of fertility related topics, stories of strength from other fertility warriors, ideas from experts in fertility, nutrition and wellness. Nathalie also regularly tries and reviews new products and shares her findings on Fertilust- truly a time and money saver! But wait- there’s more! Nathalie also interviews fertility experts and asks every question someone on the journey to conceive might have. It’s great to see how the taboo of infertility is being broken on this blog and if you’re looking for a great place to find empowerment, support and resources for your fertility journey you’ve found it in Fertilust!

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Proov (

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning our partners at Proov! Proov tests are the first rapid response urine progesterone tests we have partnered with them so you can actually confirm ovulation supported by the Pearl app. With Proov, you can test if you have sufficient levels of progesterone, a hormone that is essential for successful conception.

The idea behind Proov started with the remarkable story of its CEO and infertility veteran Amy- a scientist who was struggling to conceive and eventually discovered the cause of her infertility: a defect causing her to not produce enough progesterone in order to support a healthy pregnancy. Out of this experience, she decided to develop a test for other women who might be going through the same struggles and to raise awareness about the importance of progesterone while and after trying to conceive.

With the Pearl App you are able to track your hormones digitally- including FSH, LH and also Progesterone powered by Proov. By including Proov’s progesterone tests strips to our kits, you can now get a clinically validated hormone tracking tool that has been shown to identify your 5 most fertile days AND confirm ovulation at home. Be sure to check out our kits including Proov!

The Missing Peace Project (

Struggles to conceive can cause serious pain and trauma- yet the psychological burden that comes with fertility problems barely gets addressed. The Missing Peace Project changes that. Founded by Cathie Quillet, a licensed marriage and family therapist who was struggling with infertility herself, the project now is a movement to help encourage and strengthen women and their partners when their journey to parenthood becomes burdensome and complicated.

The personal dedication Cathy puts in bringing couples peace on their road to pregnancy is admirable, and she successfully created a safe space for women and couples who might deal with the frustrations that can come with trying to get pregnant and where these frustrations can get addressed professionally and with personal experience. No matter, if are having a difficult time conceiving, have been diagnosed with infertility, are struggling with secondary infertility or if you have experienced a pregnancy loss- the courses and consultations with Cathy and the Missing Peace Project can help you find peace. You can also participate in coachings offered by Cathy and her husband Tyler, where they caringly coach and help you to transition into parenthood with a healthy heart and mind. It’s safe to say that TMPP is truly a real gem among fertility care, and we’re happy to be collaborating with this amazing project.

The Women’s Dietitian (

This wouldn’t be a proper list of our favorites if The Woman’s Dietitian, aka Cory Levin- a registered dietitian and health expert, wasn’t included. If you ever wondered what diet you should consider if you’re struggling to conceive, you want to regulate your cycle or if you want to address cycle issues you might have- Cory can help you out.

She works specifically with women to help them better understand the powerful connection between the female body systems and optimal health. Her nutrition counseling is super versatile and focus can be put on hormone balance, fertility and pregnancy, digestion and gut healing and weight management- all while taking your individual history and needs into account. Cory also has the means to provide advanced health testing at home- she can interpret your results and discuss them with you in depth while giving you a personal action plan including steps that need to be taken to get you to that hormonal balance, an optimal digestion and your own perfect weight.

And it doesn’t end there! Starting this September, Cory launches a program that helps women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) to successfully conceive and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Of course we had to partner up with such an amazing project- be sure to check out Corys review on Pearl and find out how to get a special deal on Pearl!

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