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Planning a family is one of the most magical experiences. At the same time, it can also be one of the most challenging; especially when taking too long at first.

But let us tell you: You are not alone in this. We help you to find your most fertile days.

We did our research - and many sleepless nights, clinical tests and studies later we are proud to present PEARL, a new way of maximizing your chances to conceive naturally with the help of individual and precise hormonal monitoring.

Is Pearl listed by the FDA?

Yes. The Pearl App is listed under FDA as low risk IVD device for proception. The Pearl Test strips are also listed as low risk IVD devices for ovulation prediction. Regulatory information can be found within the app.

Do I need to keep a log sheet of my strips?

It is not necessary to keep a log-sheet of your strips. However, we include one in your kit so you are free to do it as a reminder of the effort you put in your journey to pregnancy. It is also a good idea to show it to your doctor.

Can I use Pearl on my iPad?

No. Pearl is designed for iOS for iPhone.

Can I use Pearl if my period is irregular?

Yes. Pearl’s intelligent algorithm can calculate a Fertile Window for women with both regular and irregular cycles. Long cycles of more than 35 days might require more testing to catch important features of your hormonal profile and find your personalised Fertile Window. In this case we recommend to have at least two Pearl Kits at hand to have enough measurements to detect a hormonal pattern.

I missed my morning testing. Can I also test the hormonal strips in the evening?

Hormonal test strips are designed to work with your first morning urine because hormones are pulsatile and they accumulate overnight. So it is important not to miss doing the test with morning urine. However, if you miss taking the picture, do not worry you can do it later during the day, just do not forget to add it to the correct day in your Pearl app.

Is it necessary to use first morning urine?

First morning urine should be used to test with Pearl. The hormone release is regulated by the circadian cycles of your body and sleeping is an important part of it. Hormone release during the day is different and would make your measurements not consistent.

Does a missed period mean I am pregnant?

A missed period can be considered one of the major possible signs of pregnancy. However, it may also be caused by a variety of reasons not related to pregnancy. First recommend you take one pregnancy test a few weeks after and one more one week later if period has not come already. We recommend you visit your doctor or gynecologist in any case. Remember that your period may simply be delayed and not missed at all.

How does Pearl help me conceive?

Hormones are the triggers of ovulation, knowing how they change helps you know when the best time to conceive is. Pearl works by measuring up to three independent hormones with the help of hormonal urine test strips (included in the Pearl Kit) and the Pearl app. Pearl calculates how your hormones go up and down by looking at the changes in the hormonal strips. The app then stores the these results overtime to build a personalized hormonal profile. Pearl’s intelligent algorithms interpret your hormonal information and show you key days with your highest chance to get pregnant; a.k.a the fertile window. Pearl gives you a prediction well in advance so you have time to plan.

Which pregnancy tests does Pearl include and how accurate are they?

Pearl includes two standard pregnancy tests with sensitivity of 25mIU/mL. These tests can tell if you are pregnant with 99.9% accuracy after a couple of weeks from a missed period. We recommend to do the second test one week after the first.

Can Pearl track my menstrual cycle after surgery?

It depends on the type of surgery. If, as a result of the surgery, your ovulatory cycle was compromised and you have been medically diagnosed with fertility problems, Pearl might not be the best option for you. Pearl can, however, help you to track your hormonal levels and calculate a personalized fertility window for you to show you your chances to get pregnant.

Can Pearl track my menstrual cycle, even if I had a miscarriage?

The menstrual cycle is independent of miscarriages in most cases, we recommend to consult your doctor to know if everything is ok with your cycle. If that is the case, Pearl can definitely help you track your cycle.

Can Pearl tell me if I have a regular menstrual cycle?

Cycles vary in length from person to person. Pearl can estimate the length of your menstrual cycle by looking at your previous cycles. Download the Pearl App and input as many past cycles as possible in the calendar for a better estimation.

What does the Pearl Kit include?

The Pearl Kit includes: 15 FSH hormonal strips, 15 LH hormonal strips, a urine catcher, and 2 pregnancy tests. If you purchase the Pearl Kit incl. Proov the kit additionally contains PdG test strips for confirming ovulation.

Can I calculate my fertility window myself?

Yes, by knowing the date of ovulation you can track the fertile window yourself. Remember that Pearl does not only calculate your fertility window but it learns from your previous cycles to tell you when your highly fertile days are with up to 6 days in advance. There is plenty of research about the fertile window. You can find more information on the section The Science Behind Pearl on our website.

Is Pearl approved by the FDA in the US and/or by EU Regulations?

Pearl’s test manufacturer and distributors are listed under the FDA. We are working on making the kits available in the EU as well very soon.

Is Pearl available in all App Stores?

No. At the moment Pearl is only available in the US and German App stores.

Can I use Pearl if I am over 45 years old?

Although conception is more difficult at later ages, Pearl can still help women get pregnant when hormonal patterns are still happening. After eggs stop being produced (ovulation), it is impossible for a woman to conceive naturally. If your profile is still normal, kits with PdG tests (purple strips) can help you know if ovulation has occurred. We recommend to seek advice from a medical professional to determine whether or not your hormonal patterns are still ok, and if you are still producing eggs.

Can I use Pearl solely for hormonal control purposes and without the intention of getting pregnant?

Pearl cannot control your hormonal levels. Pearl helps you to monitor your hormonal levels to help you conceive by finding the most fertile days during the cycle. You can use the Pearl app and the Pearl Kit to measure your hormonal levels and to find the most fertile days where you should have intercourse in order to maximize your chances to conceive. You may choose not to have intercourse, we, however, do not recommend using Pearl for contraception. Pearl is not to be used for contraception and it is against our terms of service to do so. We take no liability. Usage different to the intended purpose may results in termination of our services.

Does the app inform me when I am pregnant?

No. The Pearl app does not inform you if you are pregnant but the Pearl Kit includes 2 pregnancy tests you can take when you experience early signs and symptoms (missed period, nausea, increase urination, etc.) Keep in mind that every woman experience different symptoms; so the best way to know is to take a pregnancy test. You can inform Pearl if pregnancy has occured (in the calendar view) so the App adapts to stop asking you to test and accompany you in your new journey.

Why is it important to know my most fertile days?

Even though an egg is only viable for 24 hours, sperms are able to survive and even fertilize it for up to 2 - 6 days after intercourse, so any intercourse within 6 days of ovulation could result in conception. Pearl measures your hormonal levels and tells you in advance when ovulation will take place to increase your likelihood to conceive.

Why can I not see the pictures of the strips I have tested?

That feature is not yet implemented. The fertile window in the form of the flower is sufficient for finding out the best days to conceive though.

Will Pearl inform me about my fertility status?

Yes, once a hormonal pattern is detected. The flower will update and Pearl will notify you of the change. We are also working on providing information from the test strips, for now the information about your fertile window accurately guides you and maximizes your chances to conceive.

How does Pearl inform me about my hormonal levels? How does Pearl give me feedback?

Pearl interprets hormonal levels from the test strips and displays directly your probability of conception also known as the Fertile Window. This Fertile Window is represented in the form of a flower that opens and closes according to the chance to conceive each day. Below the flower, you can also read whether you are fertile, highly fertile, or should keep on testing. Please read the instructions for use carefully before start using Pearl.

Why does Pearl tell me I am ovulating when I am not?

The menstrual cycle is different for every woman. Normal menstrual flow might occur every 21 to 35 days and last two to seven days (source: The National Women's Health Information Center). After its activation (through the activation code found in the Pearl Kit) Pearl’s algorithm uses a regular ovulatory cycle based on your age as a basis but adapts it according to the individual cycle duration if you input enough past menstrual cycles, once hormonal information is received, the ovulation and fertile window will update in real time for your current cycle.

How do I tell Pearl when my period is over?

When your period starts, you can select the drop on the calendar view to tell Pearl whether menstruation has been heavy, medium, or light. When your period is over, simply stop entering this information (do not select a drop anymore) and continue doing the tests the app indicates you to do.

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