How to test

Downloaded the app and got your Pearl kit? Great, that means you're all set and ready to start measuring! Here is a guide that will lead you through your hormonal monitoring process step by step... happy testing!

It all starts with a new cycle

Tell Pearl when your period starts. Your period marks the beginning of a new cycle- so as soon as it starts you can input the start date as well as the strength of the bleeding. Testing starts!

You can start the daily monitoring of your hormones right on day 2 of your cycle- so the next day after your period has started. Be sure to use first morning urine for measuring in order to get genuine results:

Daily testing

Starting on the second day of your period, you need to use the first morning urine for the stripes. It doesn't matter at what time you're getting up. It also isn't necessary to measure at the same time every day.

1. Choose the right strip

Your app will inform you what strip you need to use each day. Depending on the kit you got you will either find two or three kinds of strips in it.

2. Use the strip

5 seconds

Collect some first morning urine (right after you wake up) with the urine catcher you find in the Kit. Dip the strip in the urine for 5 to 10 seconds. Make sure not to dip over the MAX line marked on the strip.

10-15 minutes

The test strip will take 10-15 minutes to develop. Place it on a flat surface and feel free to go around your morning routine in the meantime.

Why urine?

3. Take a picture

Once dry, open the capture mode in the app. Make sure to select the right day of your cycle and the right strip (blue, pink or purple) before taking the picture.

To make sure the measurement is correct, drag the pre-set layout on the screen to the strip.

Repeat steps 1-3 each day.

After some time of regular testing, the Pearl App will notify you as soon as your fertile window opens and show you your most fertile days- up to 6 days in advance! At the same time, the proprietary Pearl algorithm adapts to hormonal changes and gives you reliable predictions. The more regularly you use it the more it learns:
After your fertile window has been detected, continue testing. The app will continue to check if your hormonal levels are developing the way they are supposed to. Ovulation can be confirmed by using the Ovulation Double Check purple strip add-on by Proov™ .

Your period is late? Time to take a pregnancy test! Pearl will inform you when its the best time for a pregnancy test (included in your kit).

Happy testing from us at Pearl!