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Pearl Fertility is now available for Android devices!

The wait is over and the Pearl Team is happy to share with you the great news! We have received substantial feedback from our iOS users but that was not sufficient, we want to care for everyone out there regardless of their device brand, or operating system.

You can now download the Pearl App directly from the Google Play Store and enjoy all current features of Pearl App:

  • The cycle screen: A screen entirely dedicated to the actual status and accurate overview of your menstrual cycle.

  • The calendar screen: A detailed clear calendar that gives you a complete overview of past and future cycles, and helps you keep track of key events such as your ovulation, your fertile window and intercourse.

  • The measurement screen: A screen for visualization of your key fertility hormones and how the relate to your fertile window and the days before ovulation.

Whether you have a Samsung Galaxy, a Huawei device, a Xiaomi or Google Pixel or any phone with Android installed (API version 21+), rejoice with us because Pearl is now here for the Android operating system!

Easy tracking of your hormones at home with our ovulation tests. Pearl predicts and confirms the fertile days based on your individual hormonal data and is designed for up to three key hormones that can be tracked individually. The Pearl Android app, similarly to the iOS one, works in combination with the Pearl Fertility Kit. The kit contains, 15 tests for luteinizing hormone (LH), 15 tests for follicle stimulating hormone (LH) and in some kits Progesterone (PdG). You get an overview of your entire cycle. It is very simple, just take a picture of the developed strip and the Pearl App will save the result and use it for real time analysis of your ovulation.

Our Android App comes with all the amenities a fertility tracking App should have and much more. Use it for cycle tracking, period monitoring, or if you are trying to get pregnant, use it to hit the right time and get the miracle you were always waiting for.

Pearl enables you to have insights into your fertility like never before, because rather than tracking symptoms of ovulation like body temperature or cervical mucus, it tracks its triggers: your hormones.

The Pearl algorithms will use your hormonal data and you previous cycle data to give you the most accurate prediction of your ovulation and fertile days. Men and women seeking to conceive have benefited greatly from Pearl, and now we bring all those benefits to the Android mobile operating system.

Targeted intercourse has been proven to increase pregnancy rates and Pearl gives you accurate and full coverage of your fertile days to help you get pregnant faster. Fertility issues are a big burden, we are helping make things clear on your journey to conceive, and empower you with health care you need while trying to conceive.

So head on over to the Google Play Store and download our freshly brewed Pearl Fertility App for Android!

Expect to expect! Your friends at Pearl

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