Path To Pregnancy

Tips for men who want to have children

These following tips can help you get your partner pregnant -after all, it depends 50% on the man and 50% on the woman. If you for example start to take care of a healthy diet, avoid cigarettes and drugs, and limit your alcohol consumption right away, you could can be equipped with top sperm in 2-3 months! More tips down below.

Healthy nutrition for men

Your body needs a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals for the production of sperm. B vitamins, namely B9 (aka folic acid), B6, and B12 play a key role in sperm production by regulating the homocysteine blood level. This is important because homocysteine is a harmful amino acid that can significantly affect the quality and quantity of your sperm. You should establish a varied and balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables; in particular, foods with zinc and selenium (like eggs, shellfish, and whole grains) because they play an important role in fertility and sperm production, but do not overdo it.

Reduce overweight

Studies have shown that the fertility of over and underweight men is lower than the one from men who keep a healthy weight. According to Palmer et al (2012), unhealthy weight does not only “reduce sperm quality, but it particularly alters the physical and molecular structure of germ cells in the testes and mature sperm.” To tackle this problem, you could decrease beer consumption and, instead of fast food, chips and sweets, you could eat more fruit, nuts, and dairy products when you feel like having a snack.


Regular sport, especially endurance sport, is healthy and increases fertility. But do not exaggerate it: Too much exercise can also slow down sperm formation and lower testosterone levels. Best would be to keep a healthy balance between what you eat and how much you exercise.

Alcohol moderation

When it comes to alcohol, the daily consumption of alcohol and heavy drinking can not only decrease your testosterone level and, thus, lead to a lower amount of sperm but it is also harmful for your health in general. We recommend that you drink in moderation and always think about how alcohol can affect not only you but those who surround you.

Stop smoking

Together with a reduction in your consumption of alcohol, you should also reduce the amount of cigarettes you smoke per day. Smoking does not only considerably reduce the number and quality of sperm cells and their mobility, but it also significantly limits their ability to bind to the egg membrane. Moreover, smoking can damage the genetic material of the sperm, which also directly affects the embryo and increases the risk of a miscarriage (American Association for Cancer Research, 2007).

Say no to drugs

Together with alcohol and tobacco, you should abstain from all other drugs of any kind. Drugs influence brain waves, which are responsible for the release of fertility hormones. This can significantly reduce fertility and increases the risk of fertility disorders. If fertilization nevertheless occurs, there can be developmental errors that could lead to malformation of the fetus.

The right temperature

Since sperm maturation is impaired at high temperatures, the temperature in your scrotum should not exceed 36 °C. Therefore, it is better to refrain from turning on the seat heating in your car or from a long hot bath. If you are a sauna enthusiast, you don't have to do without this pleasant hobby, just don't overdo it. Also, make sure you cool down sufficiently after each sauna session. Remember that sperm are living cells within your body and they experience all the conditions your body is exposed to.

Avoid tight clothing

Tight-fitting trousers and underwear can also have a negative effect on the production of sperm. These clothes hold the scrotum permanently close to the body and temperature compensation is no longer possible. This causes the testicles, over a prolonged period of time, to overheat and suffer from the problems mentioned above. Give “the boys” the freedom they need and do not make them suffer from fashion.

Cycling and sperm formation

Whether cycling influences sperm formation or not depends largely on the intensity of the training. Very tight sportswear, an unfavourable position on the racing bike saddle, friction and overheating of the testicles can all affect the quality and quantity of sperm. Two to three times a week an approximately two-hour training session, on the other hand, increases physical fitness and thus fertility.

Solid lifestyle

Our last tip to all men is to avoid stress, frequent nights in the bar, and long working days without sufficient breaks because all of them are counterproductive for your fertility. Even when push comes to shove - try to steer your lifestyle in a calmer direction.

If you follow these tips, you may be able to make your sperm even faster. However, they are not a guarantee for a quick start to pregnancy. But if you and your partner don't have any illnesses or disorders and you're healthy, you should soon be able to conceive.

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