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Pearl by Beurer has launched!

We’re beyond happy to officially announce our collaboration with the health care specialist Beurer. Together with our accurate technology that uses hormone analysis at home we help you to plan a pregnancy in a targeted manner and at the same time to better understand your monthly cycle.

What is Pearl by Beurer?

Pearl by Beurer has launched as Beurer OT 80 "Beurer Persönliches Fruchtbarkeitsset" (personal fertility set) and consists of an ovulation test strip set and the Pearl Fertility app which accurately calculates the time of your ovulation and of your fertile period. Beurer provides support in procurement, distribution and marketing. For the time being, the Beurer Fertility Set powered by Pearl will be available in Germany, Austria and Italy. and we're beyond excited that together we will help the "natürlich schwanger werden" (get pregnant naturally) community in the DACH area.

What makes Pearl by Beurer so special?

No matter how long your cycle lasts, you only have a few days a month to become pregnant. Particularly in view of the trend that women today are on average 30 years or older when they get pregnant for the first time, but that the fertility rate decreases with age, the precise determination of the fertile days with solutions such as Pearl can help you and your partner to fulfill your wish for a child. Two hormones are crucial in this process, which play an important role throughout the cycle and right before ovulation, when the chance of getting pregnant is highest: the Follicle-stimulating Hormone (FSH), which is mainly produced during egg maturation, and the Luteinizing Hormone (LH), which peaks about 24 hours before ovulation and triggers it.

How does the Pearl by Beurer System work?

While common ovulation tests usually only test one hormone and display it via a positive/negative line or work with smiley symbols, Pearl by Beurer makes it possible to measures two hormones independently. The Pearl Fertility app uses analysis of hormone levels to provide real-time information on the cycle and a precise indication of the fertility window. This makes it possible for the fertile phase to be reliably determined. The measurement should be performed daily in morning urine using the test strips provided. A colored line indicates when the test is finished and the result can be read after a few minutes. The evaluation is easy to perform via the camera of the smartphone and the "Pearl Fertility" app. More precise than a purely visual analysis, the Pearl software records the relevant values of the test and control line using a color spectrum. From this, the exact content of FSH and LH in the body can be determined. As the method is used over the entire cycle, you are provided with a hormone profile tailored to your personal needs. The decisive advantage is the high degree of accuracy. Physical characteristics such as body temperature or cycle fluctuations have no influence on the measurement result. Therefore, the Pearl by Beurer set can also be used if you have irregular cycles.

What else does the Pearl Fertility app offer?

Our free Pearl Fertility app enables a complete monitoring of your menstrual cycle. It not only shows the day of ovulation and the next period, but also provides information up to 6 days in advance about when your ovulation will occur, which makes it even easier to increase the chance of pregnancy. The app also tells you which hormone should be tested on which days. The interpretation of the measured values is explained in a comprehensible way and all hormone trends as well as the fertility window are displayed graphically in a clear manner on the measurement screen. You can see the current phase of the cycle and the likelihood of becoming pregnant at a glance.

In addition to the 15 FSH and 15 LH ovulation test strips, our kit also includes two pregnancy tests and a strip holder for optimal handling. The "Pearl Fertility" app is available for iOS and Android in German, English and Spanish, you can find further information on how Pearl Fertility works here.

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